User agreement

The use of the website and the services it provides are governed by this User Agreement (“the Agreement”), the provisions of which shall apply to all Users.

Article 1: Purpose

The Agreement constitutes a code of conduct that defines the User’s responsibilities. It has been established in accordance with applicable law in order to:

  • keep the website running with optimal efficiency;
  • maintain the confidentiality and security of internal and external communications.

Article 2: Rights and responsibilities of the User

Any individual who has reason to visit the website is deemed to be a User (“User”) of the website, regardless of his/her status or role.

The website administrators (“Webmasters”) who work at the ABG head office are subject to the provisions of the Agreement and are additionally tasked with ensuring that it is enforced in a manner consistent with respect for privacy and confidentiality.

Users undertake to observe religious and political neutrality and to exercise restraint.

Users of the website undertake to provide information that is free of illicit, harmful, racist, discriminatory or otherwise reprehensible content. They shall refrain from making injurious, untruthful, defamatory, insulting or obscene statements and more broadly, from any language potentially subject to criminal prosecution.
Access authorizations are issued on a personal and temporary basis according to the needs, missions and role of each User. Accordingly, Users are personally responsible for not accessing the website via a User account other than their own.

A User’s access authorization may be suspended in the event of violation of the Agreement.

Article 3: Acceptable use of services

Each User is responsible for making acceptable use of the services placed at his/her disposal. Access to the website is reserved solely for Users who fully accept the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement.

Users undertake to refrain from deliberately carrying out operations which could impede the proper working of the website and jeopardize communications within and external to the website. For example, any use of the site to hinder or damage any third-party networks (web server attack, dissemination of viruses, spamming that blocks email servers, etc.) is prohibited.

Such behaviors may be punishable by criminal law, in particular within the meaning of Article 323-1 of the French Penal Code.

Article 4: Specific measures

1- User category of “Ph.D.-holders” and “Ph.D. students”

This category of Users undertakes to:

  • Draft profiles to be posted on the website in French or in English only;
  • Provide true and accurate information, particularly concerning their doctoral degree and professional experience;
  • Update their contact information and profile(s) every 5 months or suspend the publication of the profile(s). This measure helps give a credible image in the eyes of recruiters;
  • Reply to any contact requests from recruiters, if only by declining them if necessary;
  • Keep ABG informed of developments in their professional situation, in particular by completing ABG’s follow-up surveys.

ABG reserves the right to suspend any profile that does not comply with the Agreement. The suspension will remain in effect until the profile is brought into compliance.


2- User category of “Employers and Recruiters”

Users in this category undertake to:

  • Use the website in accordance with its intended purpose, namely to find the appropriate profiles and skill sets;
  • Post job descriptions that correspond to the true needs of the company;
  • Propose job descriptions consistent with the skill level of the candidates, all of whom hold a doctorate;
  • Include the employer’s name in the job description;
  • Draft job descriptions to be posted on the website in French or in English only;
  • Provide all information needed to submit an application to an employer;
  • Comply with the specific type of information requested in each data input field;
  • Acknowledge receipt of applications;
  • Inform ABG of the results of recruitment processes, in particular by completing ABG’s follow-up surveys;
  • Ensure that job descriptions do not contain any discriminatory information relating to age, gender or place of residence, as stipulated in French law No. 2008-496 of May 27, 2008;
  • Refrain from posting job descriptions that are:
    • internship offers,
    • open only to holders of non-research professional doctorates (human or veterinary medicine, pharmacology, dentistry).

Generally speaking, Users are reminded that when posting a job description they must comply with the provisions of the French Labor Code (L. 1132-1), in particular those set out in the document published by the Civil Rights Ombudsman, “Drafting employment offers”

ABG reserves the right to suspend the publication of any job description that fails to comply with French law or with the Agreement. The suspension will remain in effect until the job description is brought into compliance.


3- User category of “Academic Advisors”

These Users undertake to:

  • Draft profiles to be posted in French or in English only;
  • Provide true and accurate information;
  • Update their contact information and the posted profiles at least once per year or suspend their publication. This measure helps give the website a credible image in the eyes of recruiters;
  • Reply to requests for contact from the other User categories (recruiters, PhD holders/candidates), if only in the negative.

ABG reserves the right to suspend any profile that fails to comply with the Agreement. The suspension will remain in effect until the profile is brought into compliance.

Article 5: Confidentiality and privacy statement

Users are requested to refrain from sharing their user name and password with any third party.
When creating their account on the website, Users are asked to provide an email address in their name.

It is strictly prohibited for Users or ABG to violate their obligation to exercise restraint by divulging personally-identifiable or confidential data concerning the members of the network.

According to the french data protection act (Law of the January 6th, 1978) and the GDPR regulation coming into force on 25 of May 2018, personal data are collected within the site during registration (account opening) and using  services (offers and CV publication / applying for offers / consulting CVs / registering for training program and events).

They will only be used within the strict framework of ABG missions. No personal data is transmitted or sold.

You have the right to access, modify and delete your own personal data by contacting the webmaster ( or the Association Bernard Gregory, 239 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris, France.

Article 6: Intellectual property

Infringing copyright, in particular by making copies of, modifying or sharing any documents, multimedia content or artwork, without the prior consent of the author(s), is prohibited.

Article 7: Use of networks and electronic mail

ABG uses emailings to disseminate information of a professional nature concerning User activity on the website. Users may unsubscribe from ABG emailing lists by sending a request to: or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” list shown at the bottom of the email received.

Article 8: Monitoring the use of the website

To protect everyone’s interests and ensure a secure environment and quality of service, for statistical purposes and to detect any misuse, the services available to Users are regularly monitored. This monitoring respects the User’s rights and responsibilities as well as rules of confidentiality in compliance with provisions of the Law of January 6, 1978  on Data Protection and the resolutions adopted by the National Commission for Data Protection. ABG therefore reserves the right to monitor the flow of information passing through the website (size, frequency, content…).

Article 9: Enforcement of the Agreement

Any failure to comply with the provisions of the Agreement may lead to sanctions such as exclusion from access to the website services and, in cases where such non-compliance is intentional, legal action.
The Agreement may be modified, in particular to reflect ongoing changes in data technologies.
The Agreement shall take effect immediately.
It is brought to the attention of all Users both when they set up their User account and by being displayed electronically on

Article 10: Applicable law

The Agreement is governed by the laws of France.
Users of the website undertake to become familiar with the Terms of Service and comply with the provisions set forth therein.


May 14, 2019

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