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DocPro gives you insight into the skills of PhD-holders

A PhD is a degree recognized in every country of the world. Those who earn it are professionals able to spearhead a company’s drive for innovation. DocPro is an operational tool that helps you identify and assess their competencies. DocPro also makes it easier for you to convey your expectations to them.

All over the world, a doctorate is synonymous with excellence. In every country, companies hire PhD graduates in all disciplines to manage projects that may or may not be related to their original field of research.

Why not consider hiring a PhD?

The fact is that in addition to their scientific expertise, PhD-holders are well-rounded professionals. They are sponsors of innovation, able to help companies rise to the challenges they face. Through their training in scientific research, they have acquired the ability to consider the complexity of an issue and address it using a suitable methodology. Their ability to propose and enlist support for innovative solutions is especially valuable to companies both large and small.

DocPro is a clear and structured catalog of the skills that PhD-holders acquire during their doctoral training and throughout their entire careers.

Build the profile you are seeking

The application guides you step by step to:

  • highlight core competencies;
  • specify the maturity level that candidates must have attained for each core skill;
  • provide concrete examples of ways in which each skill will be utilized in your context;
  • upload the profile to mydocpro.org.
Create a profile

Find candidates

PhD students and holders use DocPro to describe their skills. Use the DocPro search engine to find candidates who:

  • possess  the competencies that meet your need;
  • have attained a maturity level in line with your expectations;
  • have acquired personal experience that is relevant to your context.
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Identify training programs

Academic advisors use DocPro to describe their doctoral training programs.  Use the DocPro search engine to identify training programs that develop the competencies you seek in your candidates.

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Finding the right words with DocPro

Do you plan to evaluate candidates who hold a PhD? Search DocPro to choose the core competencies required for the job and reformulate them according to your context. When you interview your candidates, you can ask them to explain how they developed these skills.

The case of Yves

Yves, director of a consulting firm, is seeking to hire a consultant in change management.

Yves, portrait. ©iStock.com/ azndc
Job description before DocProJob description after DocPro

Core competencies:

  • Analytical abilities
  • Mastery of complexity
  • Creativity
  • Health and safety
  • Risk management

Concretely, you must be able to:

  • analyze complex situations and organizations;
  • correlate separate issues in order to define and propose action plans;
  • develop innovative solutions with the help of contributors from many different backgrounds and functions;
  • act as a realistic visionary, a source and a sponsor of innovation;
  • manage your assignments in full compliance with safety, accountability and labor standards and requirements;
  • analyze risks arising from the customer’s operations and from your recommendations;
  • make your customers aware of the need to implement suitable risk management procedures.

By expressing your needs in the terms suggested by DocPro, you make them easier for PhD-holders to understand. This gives you access to the pool of talent they represent.

To learn more

Have you acquired a better idea of who PhD-holders really are? Do you have a job description that might interest them? Visit the ABG website. Here you will find CVs of PhD-holders, a web platform for the publication of job ads and various personalized services to assist you in recruiting PhD-holders.

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