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Recruitment officers look for well-rounded professionals: candidates who, in addition to possessing the expertise and methodology of a trained researcher, will know how to lead a project, adapt to change and manage risk. Team players who possess integrity, empathy, and the ability to listen. Potential leaders able to develop a strategic vision and motivate their staff.

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The case of Magalie

Magalie is a doctoral student in materials science for aeronautics applications. She used one of the world’s most powerful transmission electron microscopes (TEM).

Magalie, smiling young woman with long hair. © laflor

The case of Paul

Paul holds a PhD in atomic physics. He is known for his resourcefulness and ability to always find a way around the difficulties of his projects. He would like to highlight his adaptability.

Paul, smiling young man. © drbimages

The case of Nora

Nora, a Doctor of Psychology, wants to promote her persuasion skills

Nora, young woman, dark hair. © Darkcloud

Before DocPro, Magalie emphasized her ability to “obtain high-resolution TEM images.”.

After using DocPro, this is how she describes herself:

  • I earned the confidence of a demanding team that contributed to the microscope’s global reputation.
  • I have communicated regularly to sustain that confidence.
  • I established and complied with a strict schedule in my use of the apparatus.
  • I demonstrated rigor and dexterity in preparing micro-samples.
  • The images I obtained led to a better understanding of the structure of an innovative material.

How DocPro changed the game

Reading through the “Project Management” skill set defined in DocPro, Paul noticed “Reacts efficiently and appropriately to change and unforeseen events.” This description brought to mind a specific episode.

“In 2010, I was working on my doctorate in Physics. A key component of the experimental system broke down and we had to suspend experiments for three months until it could be repaired. The project was going to be delayed.

I wasted no time in arranging for the repairs to be done. But at the same time, with the consent of my thesis advisor, I developed a numerical simulation program in order to test the hypotheses we had planned to explore.

When we were able to resume our experimentation, I started out by testing the most promising hypothesis identified through the simulations. I finalized the experimental activities a mere one month later than the initial schedule. We published our findings in a prestigious international journal.”

How DocPro changed the game

Nora is a go-getter. Reading through the “Commitment” skill set in DocPro, she recognized herself very clearly in the description “shows determination” and remembered a personal experience in which she demonstrated this skill.

“I was fascinated by visual perception and wanted to pursue a PhD in that field. I had no funding, but I heard about CIFRE, a contract under which an industrial firm can sponsor the research of a doctoral candidate. Luckily, an auto manufacturer was looking for a cognitive psychologist. However, my doctoral school and my thesis advisor were not accustomed to working with industry and were reticent to support me in this endeavor. I answered their questions and set up a meeting with the company. Ultimately, I managed to secure everyone’s support for my project. Within three years, I had become an expert in oculometry and delivered new knowledge in the field of cognitive psychology.”

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