Vincent Mignotte

Executive Director at Association Bernard Gregory

When you talk about your skills, naming them is not enough. Through the narrative of one of your experiences - following the pattern Situation, Task, Action, Results, recruiters can understand your skills and how you approach problematic situations.

Also of interest

Karine Berthonnet

Chief of staff, EDF Research & Development

People with PhDs in the Social Sciences bring a systemic approach to R&D projects. This allows the problem to be considered from every angle and facilitates public acceptance of the solution.


Ivan Behaghel

Consultant in innovation, Novalice

There is no “standard” doctoral profile. Some researchers will be attached to the academic way of doing things, others will feel more comfortable in the context of private


Laurence Breton-Kueny

Director of Human Resources, AFNOR group

The systemic approach involves viewing an enterprise as a whole and considering the subject from a wider angle. PhD-holders have this thirst for knowledge and intellectual curiosity in their DNA.