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You are developing programs to prepare young researchers for the job market. Use DocPro to help you analyze the skills that your doctoral students and PhDs develop and define your support skills training program accordingly.

DocPro enables doctoral students and PhD-holders to analyze and evaluate their skills. You can give them access to this tool either in a self-training format or within the framework of group sessions led by a trainer.

Analyzing the results will allow you to identify which skill areas are their strong points and which ones need further development. DocPro can then guide you in deploying the most appropriate training programs and orienting each doctoral student toward the modules relevant to him/her.

With DocPro, you can also deploy a differentiation strategy to distinguish your doctoral school by emphasizing the competencies you deem most important.

Build the description of your training program

The application guides you step by step to:

  • highlight the core competencies developed through your training program;
  • specify, for each competency, the maturity stage that doctoral students and PhD-holders will have attained by the end of their training;
  • provide real-life examples of ways in which these skills are implemented;
  • upload the description of your training program to

Learn what employers are really looking for

Employers and recruitment officers use DocPro to convey their expectations to PhD-holders. Use the DocPro search engine to:

  • discover the expectations of employers and recruiters;
  • identify employers and recruiters seeking the skills developed by your training program.

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About DocPro

The origins of DocPro, the professional profile of PhD-holders

DocPro gives PhD-holders, businesses, doctoral schools and laboratories a view of the skills that PhD-holders develop throughout their careers. This tool is the fruit of collaboration between stakeholders in academia and the corporate world.


Didier Georges

Dean, Doctoral College, University of Grenoble

We have to get away from the idea that a PhD-holder is necessarily confined to a job in research and development. In the United States, PhDs quickly hold positions in management.


Ivan Behaghel

Consultant in innovation, Novalice

There is no “standard” doctoral profile. Some researchers will be attached to the academic way of doing things, others will feel more comfortable in the context of private