Christelle Catone

Sales and support manager drug discovery EMEA with Cisbio Bioassays

A company can post a profile on DocPro as a means of explaining what it expects of people who join the organization, and indicating the competencies it values most. This enables individuals who are seeking a position to ask themselves, “Is this a company to which I should send an unsolicited application? Do I match this profile?”

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Jean-François Minster

Scientific Director, Total

A PhD-holder is someone who has learned to work in an uncharted field, and being able to work in unknown territory is vital to being a manager. It is also someone who...


Ivan Behaghel

Consultant in innovation, Novalice

There is no “standard” doctoral profile. Some researchers will be attached to the academic way of doing things, others will feel more comfortable in the context of private


Didier Georges

Dean, Doctoral College, University of Grenoble

We have to get away from the idea that a PhD-holder is necessarily confined to a job in research and development. In the United States, PhDs quickly hold positions in management.