Matteo Cavasin

R&D engineer specialised in composite materials ageing and durability

I have experience as a testing engineer after spending 3 years at Element Materials Technology Ltd. My activities focused on the mechanical and analytical characterisation of materials for Oil & Gas. Visit my LinkedIn page
Core competencies
1 Skill development
1 Information management
2 Expertise and methods
Personal and interpersonal qualities
1 Integrity
1 Balance
1 Commitment
1 Listening and empathy
2 Analysis, synthesis and critical thinking
1 Collaboration
1 Communication
Managing activities and creating value
2 Decision-making
1 Managing change
1 Producing results
1 Project management
1 Intellectual and industrial property
Strategy and leadership
1 Leadership
1 Strategy

Thesis defended on : 9/5/2019 - Politecnico di Torino - Italy